Chauli Ki Jali

Right below the “Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple” lies the famous “Chauli ki Jali” standing on steep edged rock forming a round hollow.

Mukteshwar Dham

This temple stands tall at the hill top and is a landmark around the city.It is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow

It is situated close to the Mukteshwar temple and is a landmark in the town. The bungalow has lush green surroundings and beautiful views which makes it a must-see in the hill station.

Bhalu Gaad Waterfall

This waterfall is quite natural and full of nature view in the Mukteshwar.Bhalu Gaad Water fall is a 60 feet high Water fall from the undiscovered source.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute

Indian Veterinary Institute is a british legacy engaging in live stock research and is dedicated to the development of the region.

Kilmora Shop

Kilmora Shop in Mukteshwar is one of the famous place of the mukteshwar city.