Rock Climbing & Rappeling

Rock climbing and Rappelling is a must do activity in Mukteshwar, Chauli-ki jaali is a excellent site to do Rappelling. Only under experienced instructors you will be doing this activity.

River Crossing

Our Experienced instructor will teach you how to do river crossing, so have fun and enjoy.


Bhimtal which is situated near to Mukteshwar is the best place to do paragliding, so pack your beg and get ready to fly in the sky.

Mountain Biking

Isn’t fascinating to ride the bike in the hill road with steep turns and steep slopes , don’t miss this we have bikes of your choice , wear the helmet and get ready for bike ride .

Walk in the Woods

Come and feel the nature , we should make the close connection with mother nature and there is no place better than dense forests of Mukteshwar.

Camp Fire

After the sunshine what could be better than sits with our friends and light the fire , sing some songs and enjoy the night .